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Come with us and discover what Kiwanis, Lions and Rotary clubs, colleges, universities, schools, sports organizations and performing arts theaters have known for years — Travelogues are an exciting way to raise money for your organization, and serve your community at the same time!


Travelogues are a unique brand of travel film production, presented live in your auditorium by renowned world travelers and adventurers, accompanied by the unique cultures, natural sounds, local music and vibrant colors of a chosen region of our fascinating world. Topics range from the enchantment of the Far East to Western Canada’s Rockies, from Petra in the Middle East to the Mayan pyramids of Central America.

Who are the Artists?

These are professional cinematographers who love travel and adventure. Before filming, they thoroughly research the area or topic. On location, they seek out unique and interesting places for filming. Finally, they edit many hours of footage into a finished feature-length presentation. When the artist arrives at your auditorium, he/she sets up the projector and sound equipment prior to the show. Then live from your stage, he/she introduces and hosts the film for the enjoyment of your audience. The presenter even answers questions your patrons may have about the presentation.

Who enjoys Travelogues?

Anyone who enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures and viewing exciting lands. Travelogue films are family entertainment enjoyed by people of all ages. Senior citizens and families with children are proven Travelogue attendees. People come from miles around to take part in this uniquely social event. They gather with their friends, meet with your world adventurers, journey along with them on the travelers’ own personal voyage, talk with the filmmakers in person after the show, and share in all the adventures of those far-away places that are so hard to get to on a two-week family vacation.

What do sponsors do?

Travelogues are usually presented in a format similar to a symphony orchestra, dance or drama series. The sponsor provides an auditorium, promotes the shows and sells tickets to the performances, often through the efforts of a committee, whose members share the duties, prestige and fun of organizing and presenting these uniquely personal live performances to their communities.