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Sandy Mortimer

Sandy Mortimer’s career has ranged from politics to television production to travel films. Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, she was a flight attendant for American Airlines. Later, as public speaker and travel consultant for American Airlines, she traveled extensively throughout the United States and the world.


During the late 1970’s, she became a news reporter and on-air personality for a CBS television station, developing and sharpening her skills in film and video journalism and writing for both television and studio audiences. She also became involved in politics and was elected to political office on the county level.


Sandy went on to media production in the mid 1980’s, as a full time copywriter and producer for television and radio productions as well as video and audio/visual presentations for several markets.


In 1986, she began to broaden her interest to include travel documentaries, traveling to Central America to film a look at the Maya culture of Belize, Guatemala and Honduras. Her more recent adventures have taken her to Alaska, the Middle East: Egypt, Israel and Jordan, and back to Central America and Costa Rica.


In 1989, she began lecturing with her films—and spends 8 months each year on tour—speaking at Travel Adventure Speakers’ series throughout the country. She has performed in hundreds of cities both in the United States and Canada, including the Carnegie, and National Geographic in Washington, D.C.


In 1993, she was recognized for her work, and received the “Rising Star Award” from the Professional Travelogue Sponsors Association, and in 1997 received the Hall Of Fame award from that organization. She is currently Vice President of the Travel Adventure Cinema Society.


Sandy’s films have been shown on foreign television and are also available on videotape in schools and libraries. Her love of unusual and out-of-the-way cultures, as well as her passion for history, the spoken word and travel, combine to create an informative, entertaining presentation filled with human interest and drama. When not touring or filming on location, she lives in Kentucky.


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