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Steve Gonser

STEVE GONSER has traveled extensively in a quest for knowledge and adventure. He has captured on film the pulsating vitality of people at work and play, as well as the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. He conveys a youth-like enthusiasm and an infectious smile which he warmly imparts to all those who travel with him.


Steve grew up in the heart of the Midwest. He was born and raised in Marion, Indiana. After earning an undergraduate degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, he went on to receive a Master of Arts Degree in Education at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana. Steve taught Science in public schools before entering the world of film production. He has produced award-winning commercial Multi-Media shows as well as feature-length Multi-Media and Film Travelogues. In addition, he has created more than 200 hours of programming for broadcast on local and regional Cable TV outlets. Steve is also a Social Anthropologist and a Paleontologist. He has personally presented 17 different Travel Film programs in more than 700 cities in North America. Some of the venues include: the National Geographic Society, the Carnegie Institute, Maryland Academy of Science, the Denver Museum of Natural History, the Chicago Geographic Society, and the Vassar Brothers Institute.


Steve has led various types of expeditions, including: long-distance bicycle tours, wilderness mountaineering expeditions and cave exploring adventures. In addition, he has competed in bicycle road-racing events on the regional and national levels.


Through his contacts with nature and his experience with people of many cultures, Steve has developed an awareness of the intricate beauty of man in harmony with nature. With his camera, he searches out the unusual as well as the quiet, commonplace surroundings in which people find themselves, translating both trials and triumphs into a meaningful film journey that will capture the imagination of those who travel with him.


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